Business Owners

One of the most frequent client groups to get in touch and request William's services are 'Small Business Owners'.

Typically, the business owner has recognised that, as the leader of their business, they have no external accountability and therefore their performance has decreased without someone to hold them to account.

As a hugely successful entrepreneur, William is able to assist with strategy and accountability to improve the following aspects of business owners' lives;

  • >> Work/Life Balance
  • >> Employee Relationships
  • >> Continued Professional Development
  • >> Day-to-day Performance 
  • >> Productivity Management
  • >> Social Media Problems (Hugely Common)


William offers advice, strategy and the identification of KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) for business owners which they are then in-turn held accountable to. Failure to adhere to them results in discipline.

Currently these services are only available to business owners in New York, Vancouver, London, Manchester and Los Angeles.

Please get in touch if you're a business owner who thinks she may benefit from William's SME Coaching Programme.