In recent years, William has become well-known, not only as the World's #1 Professional Disciplinarian but also as a leading life-coach in The United Kingdom, USA and Canada.

The role of a coach is to help you determine measurable goals and targets in different aspects of your life. This may be work, home, relationships, family, academic studies, sport, business ownership or a whole host of other things. Goals are unique to each individual. Through the coaching process, William will work with you to develop strategies that will see you fast track towards the set targets and goals. Unlike most mainstream coaches, William often uses Corporal Punishment as a method of discipline when incremental targets are not met in their given timeframe as an additional motivation.

Ideal candidates for Williams coaching programme would be people that meet some of the following criteria;

  • >> Individuals struggling for motivation at work or within their home life
  • >> People prone to spoiling relationships due to poor behaviour and attitude
  • >> Students that have switched from a traditional parental accountability to having none
  • >> Business owners who struggle to adhere to their own targets because of lack of consequence


William has a variety of different coaching programmes with varying frequency and cost. Coaching sessions are primarily held in London, Manchester, New York, Vancouver, San Francisco or Los Angeles although in some cases William does travel to see clients at their location of choice.

Acceptance to any of William's coaching programmes is strictly by application. Please get in touch via email if you're interested.