Events & Group Sessions

Like the idea of being spanked and disciplined alongside others? Perhaps your wildest fantasy is being one of a group of schoolgirls being punished, or one of a stately home staff team being flogged by the Lord of There Manor or maybe you prefer the idea of group coaching instead of one-to-one?

If so, William's group sessions, events or exclusive three day retreats may be exactly what you're looking for...



Throughout the year, William holds two and three day retreats at exclusive locations in the UK and USA where individuals and sometimes couples can attend and enjoy not only first class discipline but also the social aspect of great company with like minded folk.


What Happens On A Retreat?


Here's an example of what our Student Retreat in 2016 looked like....


Day 1

Typically, a weekend retreat would being on the Friday night with a BBQ (in Summer) or group meal where people initially get to know one another and enjoy each others company before retiring to the 'Lounge' for some Corporal Punishment 'demonstrations', delivered by William and Carrie. Obviously these are interactive so you can expect to be involved in these and will more than likely go to bed with a sore bottom and have to sleep on your side. You'll also set yourselves some 'objectives' for the weekend which you'll be held accountable to on the final day.


Day 2

The second day is generally 'Fantasy' day. Scenarios vary from retreat to retreat but a common scenario is a School Classroom situation. You will be expected to present yourself promptly after breakfast in the appropriate uniform with any infractions punished with a Slipper or maybe even the Tawse in front of the class. William will then present an hour long lecture on his life as a Professional Disciplinarian during which you'll be expected to take notes and listen intently in order to pass the exam that will be held later in the day. 

Lessons continue after break time until lunchtime where the class is dismissed to enjoy a lunch at the local pub before returning to sit the exam in the afternoon. Failure to reach the required grade will result in you being required to attend the punishment session prior to dinner where you'll be caned and then made to stand facing the wall during dinner with your striped bottom on display whilst everyone else enjoys their food. You'll then be given lines to complete before rejoining the rest of the attendees for a hot-tub session into darkness. You'd be wise to enjoy a glass or two of prosecco in order to gain some Dutch Courage as later on in the evening, you'll be playing some 'Spanking' themed games where for example you may have to bet on which of the two 'nominees' can take the longest spanking before using their safe word or who will lose at 'Spanking Poker'.


Day 3

Breakfast is served by the 'losers' of the previous nights' games who happen to have their bottoms on show as part of the forfeit for their loss.

William then undertakes a personal review of the weekend and a one-to-one coaching session (with some discipline if required) as well as assessing whether your objectives have been met over the course of the weekend. Before lunch, the group take a walk in the fields and woods in order to take part in the final competition of the weekend.....'Who can find the best switch'?

Each group member must find a suitable switch within the allowed diameter, trim it and submit it for the punishments after lunch. The winner (or loser, depending on how you look at it) is the person whose Switch lasts the most strokes on it's recipient. The loser has the task of creating a Birch for the final punishments of the weekend which are given at the closing 'Awards ceremony'. All attendees have access to William's exclusive Facebook Group so they can share their experiences and how the weekend affected them.



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Group Events & Sessions


If you prefer the idea of undertaking a session with a group of people rather than on your own then a 'Group Session' or Event will be perfect for you. Normally, there's a maximum or 8 participants and sessions can either be group coaching sessions where all clients are mentored, taught and held accountable over the course of a year or indeed, ongoing.....or they're one off fantasy sessions where for example you might be one of 6 girls charged with looking after the Lord and Lady of the Manor's stables.....and you've not done a very good job and consequently are set to be thrashed with a manor of riding crops, whips and other implements both in your Jhodpurs and on your bare flesh. 

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