School Girl

Perhaps the most popular spanking fantasy in England is that of 'A naughty schoolgirl being punished for misbehaviour by her teacher'. If this what turns you on, you're not alone!

Sometimes, roleplay begins from the moment of arrival at the hotel room or house door that you've been instructed to report to.


You knock, nervously, on the door. Initially there's no answer but after a moment; 'come in'. You know that the next hour is likely to be humiliating as you bare your bottom for your teacher to thrash you but you're still strangely excited by the whole thing.

As instructed, you're in the standard uniform; white shirt, plaid skirt, knee length socks and black shoes.

You're told straight away to stand facing the wall with your hands on your head whilst he lectures you about the importance of good behaviour and why misdemeanours can't go unpunished. The butterflies in your stomach are getting worse as you know that shortly you'll be face down over his knee, pants around your ankle's feeling his hand spank your upturned bottom relentlessly.

After the second period of facing the wall, you're instructed to remove your skirt completely and bend over the desk, keeping hold of the far side. Failure to do so will result in the number of strokes being increased from 12 to 24 so you know you've got to stay in place how ever unbearable the pain is. You count and thank 'Sir' for each stroke and finally, through the tears, you realise it's over.

As you stand reflecting, your ass striped and sore, you're already thinking of what you can do to get you into trouble next time...


School girl punishments are available as one-off, one hour sessions at William's hotel room where there is invariably a suitable desk. 

There are also Group Schoolgirl Sessions where you can join a classroom roleplay session and spend half a day living your fantasy with up to 8 other girls.

Please get in touch for more information.