The second most popular spanking fantasy that clients come to enjoy is being whipped as a stable girl.

It's not uncommon during the initial 'Skype Call' for girls to tell of their upbringing around stables and horses and explain how they always had a desire to be punished with a crop or dressage whip but never had chance to bring that sexual desire to fruition.


Due to the nature of the availability of Stables for fantasy use, the occasions where William has access to an actual stable are sadly few and far between.

Each year, William hosts two or three days where girls can book a two hour slot to bring their fantasy to life.

Perhaps you've been too heavy handed with a whip, riding without a helmet, neglecting your stable duties; whatever your fantasy, you can be assured that your session will really bring it to life.


2018 Stable Fantasy Availability

April 15th - Whitby (North Yorkshire) - FULLY BOOKED

June 2nd - Whitby (North Yorkshire) - 4 Sessions Available 

September 9th - Faversham (Kent) - 8 Sessions Available


Discipline during the session is carried out with a number of implements including a leather farm strap, locally cut switches, birches, various riding crops and dressage whips.

Clients are expected to attend in full riding gear.


To book a session or find out more information, please get in touch