Common questions regarding coaching, spanking and becoming a client of William's


How Do I Book A Session?

William only sees clients by way of a pre-booked appointment. To apply for a coaching or discipline session, please make contact using email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


What Happens In A Session?

No one session is the same. Before your first session or a taster session, you will undertake a 15 minute Skype or Telephone call with William who will assess your desires and more importantly, needs and from this assessment, your session will be planned and carried out. Whilst William has authority at all times during the session, any 'limits' set will always be respected.


Do You Use Safewords?

Many professionall 'Doms' and 'Mistresses' use the 'Green, Amber, Red' safeword system. William is not a 'Dom', he's a professional disciplinarian and at all times decides what discipline is required to meet the desired goals. That said, you will always have a 'termination' phrase whereby the session will terminate immediately. Once this has been used, you will no longer be under Williams authority and future sessions will not be possible.


What Implements Do You Use?

William has a range of disciplinary implements at his disposal, including (but not limited to) Canes, Tawses, Dressage Whips, Martinets, Riding Crops, Cat Whips, Paddles, Straps, Belts, Slippers and various other 'tools of the trade'.


Where Do You Hold Your Sessions?

Most first sessions or taster sessions are held in hotel rooms or private hire locations rather than clients' homes, however as the client relationship develops, William often attends, particularly with coaching clients, the home setting to carry out coaching and discipline. Group sessions and 'Spanking Vacations' are often held in country cottages in the UK and US countryside.


Do You Do Group Events?

Yes. At least four times a year, William holds events for between 4 and 12 ladies to attend. Please visit the events page to see details of forthcoming events and to book in.


Where Can I Find Out About Your Coaching Programme?

Each client has a coaching programme that is unique to them. To find out more about how this works, please visit the 'coaching' page of this website.


Do You Offer Professional Dom Services?

William is not a 'Dom'. There are no sexual services on offer. Whilst it is acknowledged that many clients find discipline a very holistic and erotic thing, William does not perform sexual services and therefore is not a Dom.


How Old Do I Have To Be?

You must be 18 to undertake a session with William. You may be asked for identification if you appear under the age of 25.


Do You Use Restraints?

As a general rule, restraints are not used. The discipline on offer is not bondage, it is corporal punishment and part of the session and discipline requires you to stay in position as instructed.


Do You Meet Before A Session?

Sadly, William's schedule rarely allows him to meet clients in person before a session, however it is common place to have a Skype or Telephone call prior to your first session. The exception to this is for public profile clients who need the reassurance of complete discretion and often to sign a formal NDA. If you fall into this category, please ask your agent to get in touch to arrange.


How Much Do Sessions Cost?

Prices vary depending on location, duration and the nature of the session. Simple 'Spanking' sessions start from £60.00 and coaching programmes range from £800 - £6000 for a 12 month period.


What Should I Wear To A Session?

This will be explained to you and detailed in your booking confirmation following the discussion on your Skype call. For coaching sessions, smart casual is appropriate attire. If you're attending a 'Fantasy' spanking session, an outfit in keeping with the fantasy (e.g. Schoolgirl) may be appropriate.